"I don’t know anyone who doesn’t absolutely love this pool."
– Bill Simmons

The Upset

The Ultimate March Madness Survivor Pool

It's simple. Pick winners and advance.
Pick losers and either rebuy or you're eliminated.
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How to Play

The goal is to pick winning teams throughout March Madness. You just need teams to win outright, not against the spread.

First, you can only pick a team once. Period.

You must get your picks in before the first game starts, even if you’re not making a pick in the first game.

On the first Friday of the tournament you must pick 2 winners. If both your teams win, you advance to Saturday. If one or both your picks lose, you must pick 4 winners on Saturday to advance to Sunday.

If you picked 2 winners on Friday then you only need to pick 2 winners on Saturday to advance to Sunday.

If your picks win on Saturday, whether it’s your 2 picks or 4 picks, you advance to Sunday and you only need to pick 1 winner.

If any of your picks lose on Saturday you must pick 5 winners in the Sunday games to advance to Monday.

If your Sunday picks win, you only need to pick 1 winner on Monday. If any of your Sunday picks lose, you have one final chance. You must make 6 picks on Monday to advance to the second week.

Again, you can only pick a team once.

If your Monday picks win, you only have to pick 1 winner per day for the rest of the tournament.

If you lose, you’re eliminated.

The person that makes it the furthest in the tournament wins the pool.