"I don’t know anyone who doesn’t absolutely love this pool."
– Bill Simmons

The Upset

Welcome to The Upset NFL Survivor Pool

What is an NFL Survivor Pool?

An NFL Survivor Pool is a contest where you must pick one team to win each week of the NFL season. They only have to win outright, not against the spread.

The goal of an NFL Survivor Pool is simple – pick winning teams and advance. It’s harder than it seems.

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How to Play

Rule #1: you can only pick a team once throughout the season.

Each week of the season you must pick one team to win (outright, not against the spread). If your team wins, you advance to the next week where you pick another team. If your team loses, you get a second chance.

After a losing week, you must pick FOUR teams to win to advance. If all four teams win, you survive and the following week you only need to pick one winner. If any of your four teams lose, you’re eliminated.

Again, you can only pick a team once

How to Run a NFL Survivor Pool?

The best way to run a second chance NFL Survivor Pool is with The Upset. It has all the features you need to get up and running in minutes, invite participants quickly, and see who is still alive and what teams they have left.